Our Concept

What do we do?

We create tailor-made trips to help you discover a region and its locals.

Each trips offers a unique taste of authentic local experience

What an amazing way to discover a region by sharing experiences directly with the locals?

Walking in the streets of France, you might discover one of our famous food markets where fruits and vegetables coming right from the fields are displayed. Smells, colors and the general atmosphere will make you want to sit down with a local folk and taste their authentic cooking recipes.

But it’s not always easy to start a conversation with a stranger, however, one thing is for sure…

The people you will meet during your trip, will make your trip even more memorable.

Mary & Folks organises road trips for those who want to discover Normandy and crave for authentic experiences.

S’échapper du quotidien facilement et autant de fois que l’on veut !

The idea behind Mary & Folks is to create unique, unusual and memorable experiences for travellers who want to discover Normandy. All you need is yourself and a car, or a bike or… just your feet!

According to the time you have, our trips can last from just a few hours to 2 days, or more on demand. The trips are tailor-made and can follow a specific theme that you choose.

You might be familiar with this situation where you are looking for the best activity to do during your holidays, and you end up searching for hours on the internet. Confused, with a list of 25 different things to do, you just get tired and don’t know what to choose. Well, let us do the hard work for you!

Once you have chosen your preferred trip or experience, all you need to do is enjoy it. Everything will be planned and organised for you 🙂

We all know it: Everyone is different (tastes, sensitivity, experiences…) but that’s not all: Everyone wants something different based on various factors, and that’s the reason why it is so crucial for us to get to know you and adapt our offer to each person.